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Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Uncommon - 3/64


The light cruiser Gloire was one of six sisters in the La Galissonnière class. Gloire briefly served with the Vichy government after the fall of France to the Germans, but reverted to the Allied side in time to provide gunfire support to Allied troops at beach-heads in Italy and in Southern France, where she served with distinction. Two of Gloire's sisters also served both sides, while the other three members of the class were scuttled in Toulon to keep them out of German hands.


Gloire is almost unique among uncommon (light) cruisers in having a secondary battery, which serves well when fighting cruisers and destroyers and her offensive capabilities are rounded out by a useful torpedo battery. Her armor is fairly normal for cruisers and she, like most French ships, features the Excellent Spotting SA. Gloire is far from useless, but like all Set I cruisers, is a bit over-priced compared to units from later sets which are either cheaper or more capable, and sometimes both. The most glaring example in Gloire's case is the French cruiser Suffren, which, though largely similar, has extra main gun dice at all ranges and costs the same.

Easily one of the best Light Cruisers in game, she has been eclipsed by the Suffren. However, that is not to say she is useless. If you don't have a Suffren on hand, Glorie is your best choice. A excellent cruiser capable of multitasking with mains, secondaries and a long range torpedo attack. Excellent spotting only makes her better. Like most pieces in game, she doesn't do so well fighting against things considerably larger than her, but she can usually take a hefty bite out of a Heavy Cruiser before going down, not to mention cripple destroyers at the same time.


Gloire has now obsoleted by the Suffren, which has identical stats except for better main gunnery and torpedoes. A house rule of reducing the cost of Gloire by one point should alleviate this issue.

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