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Flank Speed - Rare - 29/40


Gorizia was an Italian Zara class heavy cruiser, which served in the Regia Marina during World War II. The ship was named after the city of Gorizia. She was the only surviving cruiser of her class after the Battle of Cape Matapan in 1941.

Gorizia participated in World War II as a member of 1st Division, 1st Squadron. She took part in the Battle of Punta Stilo, the Battle of Taranto, where she shot down a British Swordfish torpedo bomber, the Battle of Cape Teulada, where her Ro.43 floatplane spotted the British battle group,and the First and Second Battle of Sirte, where her guns hit two destroyers, HMS Kipling and HMS Sikh,inflicting minor damage on them. Some sources claim that she also hit and severely damaged the destroyer HMS Kingston, instead of the battleship Littorio as widely reported. Among her other missions, there were escorts to Italian and German convoys, for a total of 20 operations accomplished.

On 10 April 1943, Gorizia was damaged by an allied air strike at La Maddalena naval base, and moved to La Spezia for repairs. She was still there on 8 September, when the armistice between Italy and the Allies was signed. Gorizia was crippled on 26 June 1944 at her moorings in La Spezia by manned torpedoes, after the Italians joined the Allies, in order to prevent her use by the Germans. Her hull was scrapped after 1946


I try to, while writing these reviews, show that every unit has a use, even if it isn't the ideal choice for its points or role. While the Gorizia is a great unit (Zara that kills destroyers better) at a good cost, and if you field it, you've got one of the most cost effective anti-destroyer/light cruiser platforms in the game, its stats are a little self defeating.

One of the most tried and true Italian strategies is smoke sniping. Which is basically a) lose initiative b) shoot all your big guns first and then hide behind your destroyers' smoke screen so all you can lose in the responding fire is some destroyers (bring some extras). This is why so many Italian units have SAs that help them fight through concealment. Yet Gorizia has "Bad Weather Fighter", which helps with smoke sniping, yet gives an initiative bonus (badly needed for Italy, but not on concealment manipulating units).

So, if you need initiative for your cruiser fleet, Gorizia will help (maybe have some Germans tag along too), but otherwise use her like you would use a Zara (go check that entry :) )

If you are a KM player, looking for a way to enhance a torpedo/small ship swarm, you have come to the right place. For the same cost as the Blucher, you will get a slightly more durable ship with an extra flag point, not bad, and a superior choice for many builds. The BWF is a nice SA, well worth it if you plan on making smoke, or want to move into your opponents smoke. While Big ships shoot from behind the smoke, the Gorizia can escort the smoke making destroyers one space ahead of the BB's.

For 15, you get 2 flag, I think only the Houston is a better deal, and for the RM, your next option is the 50 point cost Roma.

Gorizia is a bit of a confused ship, but as part of the Zara class, you might consider bringing 3 of these, each grouped with an Ascari and see how much smoke you can blow. All in all, not quite as good as the Belfast, its closest Allied comparison, as a smoke brawler.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Guns don't move.

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