Graf Zeppelin

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Rare - 35/60


Graf Zeppelin is based on the actual, real, German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin that was under construction during World War II (Yet, never completed). Construction on the KMS Graf Zeppelin was halted at 90% of completion.


Graf Zeppelin was never a real ship, and because of that some tournaments and play groups do not permit it to be played. Despite that, however, Graf Zeppelin is a very effective ship in War at Sea (WAS). The Graf Zeppelin allows for the Germans to use their air power more effectively, as before it was introduced the Germans did not have the ability to use air power every turn. The Graf Zeppelin is fairly durable and has excellent gunnery and anti-air (AA) stats and therefore some choose to use the Graf Zeppelin as an AA cruiser. This is partly because of its limited basing capacity of two. All in all the Graf Zeppelin is a fantastic unit for its price and can be used effectively in nearly any German build.

GZ is considered a very cost-effective unit, because of its light cruiser guns, heavy armour and capacity 2. Without a doubt it is; just compare it to Princeton. However, its low capacity hurts, especially if you play with historical limits.

Captain Morevo
Graf Zeppelin makes an excellent basing unit for covering squadrons of Bf.109s and functions well as a large cruiser, but while she can base dive bombers like the Ju87, doing so is somewhat useless, as Ju87s are, due to their ease of abortion.

I don't like this ship because it never "existed" as a usable ship, and not having a carrier makes the Kriegsmarine unique. It is, however, like other German ships very good.

Crissie's Critiques
I don't mind that this ship was never completed. I love historical hypotheticals, because, after all, this is a game and not a simulation of the Second World War. Anyway, this unit provides Germany with a much needed carrier. While the guns are nice and the ship is durable with some nice abilities, what makes the unit is the cost. Decent guns and two Bf-109's/Ju-87 Picciatelli's going out every round for only 32-34 points (including the cost of aircraft). This leaves more than enough points in a small game for a Moltke and some destroyers or subs. In a larger game, due to the class limit of one, this unit's ability is slightly hindered, but the two fighters can still protect your subs and weaker ships from enemy bombers. In conclusion, you get, for 32 points, a durable light cruiser and constant air power for the Kriegsmarine which is needed agains the USN or even the Royal Navy. CC Rating: A

Plastic Figure Notes:

TF_Graf-Zeppelin.jpg Not bad, but not great either.
But in comparison with alot of other Task Force molds… pretty damn good (-Capt.M)

its huge!

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