Greek Mountain Infantry

Unit Card:



Speed: 1
Defense: 4/4
AI: 8,6,1
AV: 2,-,-

SA - Mountaineering
SA - Close Assault 5
SA - Steely Resolve 5

Set - Rarity - Number

Counter Offensive, Common, 3/50

Historical Background:

In 1940, just before the Italian attack, Greece mobilised her armed forces. The field army was organised in two Army Groups, six general headquarters, six infantry and nine mountain divisions, four mountain brigades and one cavalry division. The Greek armed forces, like most of those of the smaller nations, suffered from a shortage of modern weapons and motor transport. However, the mountainous frontier with Albania was ideal for defensive fighting, and the natural sturdiness of her soldiers proved too much for the Italian forces which invaded on 28 October 1940.

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Plastic Figure Notes:

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