Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Common- 20/40


Gromkiy was laid down as a "Type 7" destroyer. Based on an Italian design and armed with 4 - 5.1" guns, 2 - 3" DP, 6 - 21" TT and 60 mines, Gromkiy and her sisters were 500 tons overweight, had a weak hull structure fore and aft, and were poor sea boats. Gromkiy actually lost her bows in a storm.


Gromkiy is not an impact player in WaS, but is still very versatile. With ASW, Torps, High Speed Run, and Mines for 6pts, she should not be over looked. One tactic for using Gromkiy is to use High Speed run to get the jump on an objective your opponent is about to claim and use your Mines special ability on the objective. This will force your opponent to risk damage to his ships to claim the objective.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Gromkiy's mini is very clean looking even if it is rather bland, with the only color coming from a band of gray-blue between bands of gold.

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