Guiseppe Garibaldi

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Uncommon - 30/40


The interwar Italian cruisers of the Condottieri group of light cruisers contained five separate classes of incrementally improved six-inch cruisers. Though the first were built primarily for speed, the penultimate Duca degli Abruzzi class, of which Giuseppi Garibaldi was the other member, were some of the best-armored cruisers of the war, and also mounted an extra pair of guns than their predecessors. Garibaldi, named after perhaps the most famous Italian revolutionary figure, was commissioned in 1937. She fought in a number of actions during the war, including the major engagements of Calabria and Matapan where she and other light Italian units skirmished with British screening elements, keeping them well away from the Italian battleships.


The effectiveness of Garibaldi in WAS is a bit hard to rate. She enjoys solid cruiser stats, chief among them her armor rating of 5. Though her other stat lines aren't necessarily inspiring, they stack up well with other Italian cruisers. Despite this, getting the most out of your 13 points depends on being able to use the new Drive Off special ability. Unfortunately, the SA doesn't allow you to move an enemy before it fires, but it could still be useful for pushing the last enemy out of range of an objective so you could claim it (though one destroyer doesn't usually capture an objective), or use it to push a destroyer away from one of your submarines before harassment is calculated in the submarine phase.

Most under rated unit in the RM for sure, at 13 points, the drive off SA does not come at too high a price, and you get just about everything you do with the Zara (slightly weaker secondary guns is not such a huge concern), plus some Torps and an SA that makes an opponent think way too hard about where to move and shoot when contesting objectives.

Pair 2 of these with 2 Euginio sav's and rush an objectives on turn 2 - your opponent will need 3 surviving units adjacent (2 to get pushed off and 1 to remain) to contest that objective.

Plastic Figure Notes:


Not a bad mini, with a nice paint job. Guns don't move which is a bit of a let down.

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