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Set - Rarity - Number

Starter - Rare - 7/8




If you didn't think that the IJN had some of the meanest cruisers in the game and I had to convince you otherwise, exhibit A would be the Haguro. With a devastating torpedo attack, a flag rating, sufficient main guns and a strong anti-air, all for 18 points, this unit is tough to beat.

Now, Clevelands are the big Allied answer to the Haguro, and they really should be honored as such. However, when facing any cruiser that doesn't have ER, or any vessel without ER for that matter, the Haguro is a death-dealer. Team her with an Isokaze, or even better, Oi or Aoba], to tear apart any Allied vessel you face (yes, including Richelieu or Iowa). Be warned, she does have delicate armor of only 4, but I usually assume IJN torpedo cruisers are on one-way trips in which I make sure they take down more points than they cost… which is usually a fairly easy goal to realize.

It would be foolish to leave this out of any IJN fleet, with 2 Long lance torpedoes at range 3 and strong main guns its insta-death for anything short of a BB with torpedo defense. It's still just a cruiser though so you'll probably only get the one chance with it.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Haguro is a reprint, but it's a nice looking piece, especially for a cruiser. She has 5 moving turrets and she's almost as big as Yamashiro.

The mini is hideous, nicely detailed but ridiculously oversized and cartoony. Look at the GH minis for how these cruisers and Tone/Chikuma should look.

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