Halifax GR Mk V

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Uncommon - 10/60



- With only 2 ASW rating, it will disrupt a sub more often than damage it. However, ships get +1 ASW versus subs this unit attacked.
- Tough versus fighters with a 6 armor rating. But easily aborted with a 4 armor against ships.
- Cheap at 6 points.
- While a 10 bomb rating is good, only sixes count. And it cannot attack a destroyer or torpedo boat.
- Conclusion: Use it in ASW support or against cruisers.

Halifax is an interesting unit, and cheap enough that throwing one in a build is almost never a bad idea, but it's no game-changer. It seems for each up-side, there's a downside too. ASW Pinpointer is a nice SA, but it would be even nicer if Halifax had an ASW attack higher than two. A bomb rating of ten is nice also, but High Level Bomber really restricts its utility to enemy cruisers, and cruisers are already meat for most other units anyway. At least Defensive Armament means that Halifax doesn't always require fighter escort.

The Halifax is a unit that has grown on a lot of players, myself included. The 2 ASW won't hurt any subs, but it can harass them just fine with that. ASW Pinpointer is the Halifax's best feature, and attacking a sub brings UK destroyers, especially Saumarez, into unheard-of levels of U-Boat slaying. Defensive Armament keeps it safe from enemy fighters and spares you an escorting Martlet that costs as much as it does. It's also useful as a complementary strike plane against cruisers and carriers. Because of Hi-Level Bomber it is often treated as a low priority target, yet it only needs two 6s on ten rolls to hit the 4 armor that most of those units have which are not bad odds. The Halifax won't do anything special, but it's a good value and adds some support coming off the land base every other turn.

This is a fine filler but combined with a St. Lo and an Avenger, you can use ASW pinpointer and expert ASW to give the Avenger 6 dice against submarines and a 2/4 success and an avenger. So, for 30 points,you get a completely awesome antisubmarine aircraft that almost guarantees sunken submarines. Also, good anti-surface too.

The above is mistaken. It boosts the ASW of ships, not aircraft.

Anyhow, for just 6 points, this is a good unit… 10 dice, even with High-Level Bomber, is pretty good and will hit a Jap. cruiser fairly often… Plus, with the release of U-2511, this will probably see more use than it has before now, as it will boost the ASW of Saumarez to 7, which will serve as good assurance just in case your opponent decides to field the 5-armor sub.

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