HMAS Adelaide

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Battle Line - N/A- 1/72



Putting close escort on a cruiser is certainly different and having any sort of ASW is a plus on a cruiser but nothing stands out on the statline as particularely good…this may be useful in an anti swarm build but slow on a close escort is not something I want to deal with and bringing an oil tanker for a 8pt unit is foolish.
2 Stars

This is a great little ship, if you want to give your bb just that notch extra in aa and gunnery as is needed when playing UK (rodney/nelson) this is a great escort. don't worry to much about slow 1 since it doesn't happen that often and even if it does once you still get to grab that objective by turn 3. The asw is an extra and however it's not enough to damage a sub, it is enough to be next to it to suppress. the above gave 2 stars, i give 4 ;)

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