HMAS Arunta

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Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 1/60



Arunta, like Sydney and Canberra, was built to a British design, but unlike those cruisers, was constructed in Australia itself, destined from the outset for the Australian navy. Belonging to the Tribal-class of destroyers, the RAN carried on the British naming convention and named their Tribals after indigenous Australians, Arunta being the name of a group who inhabited the area around what is now Alice Springs. The Tribals were a design departure from other inter-war British destroyers, emphasizing gun-armament rather than torpedoes as a counter to the larger destroyer designs of nations such as Japan, Germany and Italy. Arunta was commissioned in 1942 and immediately saw service as an integral part of the Allied Pacific island-hopping campaign, sinking a Japanese submarine while on escort duty, and serving at the Battle of Surigao Strait.


Arunta's solid stats in just about every area combine with great SA's and a low cost to make it one of the most appealing allied destroyer choices. Her guns render Arunta capable enough to damage most cruisers and though she has few torpedoes they do reach to range two, which is nice. Close Escort makes Arunta an ideal escort, especially with its decent AA rating, while Sub Hunter mitigates the effect of losing initiative (something a pure Australian fleet will often do), and is combined with a very useful ASW rating. Arunta's best quality, however, is her low cost. Buy a bunch and use Close Escort to stack her with other destroyers to give any swarm more punch, or stack with any larger ship to provide a useful, low-cost escort.

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