HMAS Canberra

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Rare - 1/64


Canberra was a member of the County class of cruisers constructed to treaty limits by the British between the world wars. The Counties were more of a family than a class, however, consisting of three different sub-sets of which Canberra belongs to the original group, the Kent class. Both Canberra and her other Aussie sister, Australia, were constructed in the UK, but unlike the British members of the Kent class failed to receive armor upgrades before the outbreak of war. Canberra stayed in Australian waters during the beginning of the war hunting German raiders, but after Japanese entry she was dispatched with Australia to the Solomon Islands where Allied forces were attempting to capture numerous strategic islands including Guadalcanal. In a Japanese attack against the invaders on the night of 8 Aug, 1942, Canberra and three other Allied cruisers were sunk by Japanese torpedoes in the one-sided Battle of Savo Island.


Canberra's strength lies in its offensive capabilities. Both her main guns and her heavy torpedo armament make her a dangerous unit. Though her torpedoes could damage even a battleship, she is most potent when pitted against enemy cruisers, while destroyers usually fall beneath Canberra's gaze since she lacks any secondary armament. These features render Canberra a bit of a one-trick pony, and without any redeeming SAs there are usually better choices that a Commonwealth or Allied fleet can turn to for 15 points. This is especially true considering Canberra's low armor value, below average for cruisers, which will send her to the bottom all too quickly considering her relatively high cost.

A piece that costs a lot for what it does, or rather doesn't, bring to the table. For 15 points you get, a Hull 3 warship with a decent main gunnery attack, and slightly higher then usual torpedo attack. What you don't get is a good AA rating, Secondary Guns, Armor to protect it against even destroyers mains, or any SA positive or negative. It becomes hard to justify the piece in anything other than a Pure Australia build, or historical battle. She is not a multi-tasker, and the allies have access to cruisers that are all around better and cost less or same. Gloire, Jamaica, and Belfast come to mind. Scenarios and pure Australia builds are really the only times she should show up in your fleet.

This is a rubbish card, its hideously overpriced compared to other allied ships and also its axis contemporaries., its armour is poor, its AA is bad and it has no special ability.
This piece should only get played for historical scenarios or Australian fleets.
It is thought the Canberra was accidentally torpedoed by a US destroyer and the incident was covered up.


At its current state, the Canberra is quite overpriced. Let's compare it to the other two Australian cruisers, the Sydney and Australia.

The Canberra has stronger guns than the Sydney and equal torps, but that's about it. Sydney has better AA and armor. The weaker guns is also somewhat offset by it's Raider special ability. And it's one point cheaper.

The Australia also beats the Canberra. Packing equal guns, better AA, better armor, a flagship bonus, and two special abilities, it only loses out with no torps.

The Sydney is clearly the best of the three cruisers. I believe the Canberra is about equal to the Australia, and it should be priced at 12 points.

Plastic Figure Notes:

A great looking ship, with rotating turrets too.

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