HMAS Nizam

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Starter - Common - 1/8


The HMAS Nizam was a British-built destroyer of the "J,K,N" class, and therefore a sister-ship of both HMS Javelin and Hr. Ms. Van Galen. These large destroyers carried a heavy anti-surface armament which included six 4.7 inch guns and ten torpedo tubes. The ship was constructed, in large part, with funds donated by Osman Ali Khan, Nizam of Hyderabad, a large semi-independent state in the southern portion of British India. Though the Nizam's donation helped defeat the Axis, it did not preserve his kingdom; the British included Hyderabad in post-war India and Hyderabadi resistance crumbled under the weight of the Indian army's British artillery and tanks.

Nizam, though built in England, was a part of the Australian navy and crewed by Australians from the outset of her career. Commissioned into service in January 1941, Nizam was heavily engaged in action as soon as she was ready. By the end of her first year of service, Nizam had survived the campaign around Crete that claimed many Allied cruisers and destroyers. Before being shifted to the British Far Eastern fleet, Nizam escorted numerous convoys running desperately needed supplies to the island of Malta. Nizam was present, too, in the closing acts of the Pacific War at Okinawa and finally, in Tokyo Bay for the Japanese surrender on September 2nd, 1945.


The RAN gets smoke, this is its best feature, but its not bad otherwise. It complements the HMAS Arunta nicely by having better torpedo and destroyer hunter.

Nizam is a solid ship for her cost. The addition of smoke to the Australian fleet (which conveniently lacks an initiative bonus) is a big upgrade in Aussie capability as a single nation fleet. Even in commonwealth builds, if a player only wants smoke, Nizam comes in a point cheaper than Javelin. In Australian builds, combine Nizams with the Arunta in groups of three to provide a reasonably potent torpedo threat.

Plastic Figure Notes:

not good, kinda bloby and soft.

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