HMAS Sydney

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Uncommon - 2/64


The Sydney, like Canberra, was an Australian member of a British built class of cruisers, in this case the Leander family. After a first run of 5 Leander class light cruisers, various changes to the machinery layout were made to the design and work on a second set of three ships was begun for the Royal Navy. Before completion, the three ships were sold to Australia and named after Australian cities. After patrolling the Indian Ocean, Sydney was transferred to the Mediterranean where she participated in sinking an Italian cruiser at the Battle of Cape Spada before transferring back to convoy duty. In this capacity Sydney encountered the German ship Kormoran, a former merchant vessel fitted with concealed guns. Taken completely by surprise, the Sydney managed to inflict mortal damage to her enemy before being sunk herself with all hands.


A useful cruiser with average stats and a special ability that is based on its raider hunting role. It was famously sunk in a duel with the German raider Kormoran. Watch this youtube video for a related documentary.

Sydney is much tougher defensively than Canberra, with one extra armor and one more point of AA. Though lacking the gun-power (which, however, can sometimes be boosted with Raider Hunter), Sydney retains a heavy torpedo armament common to Commonwealth cruisers. At one point cheaper, Sydney is almost always a better deal than Canberra, though still suffers from the normal deficiencies of the cruiser type.

Though now out-priced by other allied and axis cruisers, Sydney is still a decent ship. It's Raider hunter SA reflects its sinking of the Italian cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni and the damaging of Bande Nere in the battle of Cape Spada, its involvement in the battle of Calabria, firing on the Zara, and its untimely end sinking the raider Kormoran. And she has decent light armour and torpedoes.


This is probably the best Australian cruiser, but it is still slightly overpriced. When comparing it to other cruisers such as the HMNZS Leander 13 points seems about right for the Sydney.

Plastic Figure Notes:


The miniature is of decent quality; as detailed as an uncommon Cruiser can be.

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