HMCS Algonquin

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Surface Action- Common- 1/40


Laid down as the HMS Valentine and then transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy, the Algonquin served in the Norwegian and Barents Seas. She provided gunfire support for the D-Day invation (6 June 1944), attacked German shipping off Norway, and later escorted Arctic convoys to Murmansk

-Taken from the card


Another awesome addition to the Canadian Navy, and more-so, Commonwealth forces. Algonquin brings two the best features of two UK destroyers: HMS Javelin and HMS Saumarez. From Javelin she take smokescreen, and as an addition gets bad weather fighter as well for extra protection. From Saumarez she takes the dead 6 ASW which can crack almost, if not all axis subs out there reliably.

Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:

Sister ship to the HMS Saumarez, the Algonquin retains the impressive 6 dice ASW attack. Interestingly enough, she combines Smoke Screen with Bad Weather Fighter, while Sub Hunter is among the most useful SAs. For destroyers, you rearely need to think in terms of a choice between Algonquin and HMS Saumarez, since the cheap costs allows you to take Both/And, mixing and matching appropriate SAs for the swarm. Powergaming Grade: A


The best canadian unit in the game and I would say OVERALL the best commonwealth Destroyer in the game though its sister saumauraz is a very close second.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Repaint of the HMS Saumarez

Own three. One is very good, one is slightly bent, and one resembles a banana.

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