HMCS St. Laurent

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Set - Rarity - Number

Set V - Common - 2/39


HMCS St. Laurent (H83) was a C-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1937-1945.

Throughout the war she served as convoy escort in the Atlantic where she repeatedly rescued sailors from torpedoed vessels (thus earned her SA). She got partial credit for sinking U-356 and U-854 (reason for her first SA) and survived the war only to be scrapped by 1946.



Well, St. Laurent's stats are not very impressive, especially for an 8 pt destroyer. Her saving grace should be her new SA but I just don't think it cuts it.

I think she especially compares poorly to the other Canadian destroyer: HMCS Haida at 7 pts. Haida is one point cheaper and the only thing she really looses over St. Laurent is a torpedo die at range 0. Other than that, she has better vital, much better gunnery scores and better AA. As for SA's, Haida gets some of the best destroyer SA's: Destroyer Hunter and Sub Hunter! St. Laurent also get an anti-sub SA, ASW pinpointer, but that one is just much less useful. To benefit from ASW pinpointer you need to attack a submarine with destroyers twice in the same turn, and then it only benefits the second destroyer. ASW Pinpointer on a plane is much more useful as it can benefit both destroyers.

St' Laurent's other SA's can give you 3 pts if you successfully rescue something. Now, a successful rescue would make her worth her points but it is difficult to pull off. First, your destroyers needs to survive until another ship dies and we all know that destroyers in battle always die first. Second, if your destroyer survives to rescue someone, but then when it rescues it can't shoot, and shooting guns and torpedoes will probably net your more points than the measly three you get from rescuing. A situation were Rescue Operations could work, though, is when a friendly carrier is sunk. St' Laurent could then rescue them without getting in harm's way.


Oh Canada, our home and native land, true Patriot…..errrr…..sorry. HMCS St Laurent, another convoy escort type but with a totally historically accurate SA, a Rescue deal that gets victory points. Perfect for convoy scenarios where you have a lot of these. Well done! Certainly not useful for all games but so well done correctly!


This unit is overpriced and should cost six points. The HMCS Haida has better guns, better AA, better vital armor, and (arguably) better special abilities. The St. Laurent only beats it with better torps at range 0, but that's a negligible advantage considering that this is a destroyer. And yet the Haida is one point cheaper?

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