HMCS Uganda

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Uncommon - 1/40


As the flagship for the RCN, Uganda served in the Pacific War with the British Pacific Fleet and the United States Third Fleet. She received battle honours for operations during the Battle of Okinawa and was involved in attacking Truk, Formosa and Sakishima Gunto. Controversially, her RCN crew were polled by the Canadian government on 7 May 1945 to determine whether they would volunteer for further duties in the Pacific War. Widespread discontent had grown amongst the crew, due to poor living conditions and the lack of a Canadian identity for the ship and the result saw 605 of her crew of 907 refuse to volunteer. Uganda withdrew to Esquimalt, arriving back in the Canadian port on 10 August 1945, the date of Japanese surrender.


Though the Uganda represents a big step up for the Canadian navy in WAS, it isn't terribly memorable compared with other Allied cruisers. Like Canada's previous WAS ships Haida and Sackville, Uganda certainly has enough appeal to land in specific builds. Her chief advantage clearly is the Early Warning Radar SA, unique to this ship. Unlike the Americans, the British and Commonwealth navies lack over-powering anti-air ratings, and Uganda can help boost these on the ever-important first turn. Another promising possibility is using Uganda in a convoy protection role. With Uganda's boost, convoy defenders like Sackville, and even convoy ships themselves stand a chance at aborting enemy aircraft they couldn't normally scratch. Her decent gunnery, good torpedoes and useful flag boost ensure that even if your enemy didn't take too much air power, Uganda isn't a completely wasted purchase.

SA is useless. Axis player will simply avoid the ships boosted by this or wait a turn.

But for 13 points, it's still decent.

Tincancaptain:(after Condtion Zebra)
Finally Canada is getting something other than destroyers even if it is a repaint. Stats are low for a CL but that‟s to be expected and Flag 1 is probably welcome addition for the Canadian. However, it seems unnecessary in a nation that consists only of one proper destroyer, one half destroyer, and now one light cruiser. Early Warning Radar is frightening- I‟ve already suggested in my gaming group that this unit cannot be in a build that also includes US ships. Imagine ten dice AA from an Iowa eight dice AA at range one from a Missouri or a double nine dice shot from and Atlanta. 7/10

This is one of my favorite Light Cruisers in the game. It has good mains, secondaries, AA7, and a torp at range two. It compares nicely to other 13 point cruisers like the Sydney, Leander, and Ajax.

Canada's only light cruiser with 13 points is cheap for what you get. a scary early warning radar can be very deadly to your Air Force.otherwise it's just another Cruiser with cheap cost.

Plastic Figure Notes:

The model represents one of the earlier Fiji subgroup of Crown Colony cruisers. Uganda and her sisters in the Ceylon subgroup had the X turret removed, trading two main guns for increased anti aircraft armament.

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