HMNZS Leander

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Uncommon - 4/40



The HMNZS Leander is a great unit, if you are escorting a convoy. Otherwise, for the allies, HMS Kent and USS Boise are far better units for the same price, and Suffren is only a point more.

She does well fighting off destroyers and auxiliary units and posses decent anti-air, but will be hard pressed against any but the weakest of the cruisers. Her armor and hull is average for a light cruiser and her torpedoes are unremarkable. Keep her as a convoy escort and she'll serve you well. Have her tangle with more expensive ships, and you've probably given away 13 points with little return.

Leander is an average allied cruiser with moderate stats. Her guns are a little below average but Raider Hunter props them back to average against other cruisers and auxiliary ships. She has good torps at 2-2-1 but only average AA to protect it's sector from aircraft. The Guard the Convoy special ability adds some survivability to a convoy scenario but not much else in other types of matches. She has average defensive stats at 4-9-3, but for the price of 13 points and a 1939 date of availability she may find her way into matches more often than not.

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