Hms Ark Royal

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Rare - 7/64


HMS Ark Royal was an aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy. She had a lengthy career in World War II, from hunting the Atlantic for the Admiral Graf Spee and the Bismarck, her actions in the Mers El Kébir skirmish, and more.

After many close calls from German and Italian bombers and torpedoes, Ark Royal finally met her end by a torpedo fired by U-81. The single torpedo impact was not responsible for the ship's loss, but a number of design flaws hindered damage control. That, and the Ark Royal's captain was more concerned about the welfare of his men then of saving the ship.


As far as the larger carriers go, Ark Royal lacks both a flag rating and a really great SA which make ships like Enterprise or Akagi so formidable, but also so expensive. At only 22 points, the Ark is the cheapest Allied three squadron carrier, and Expert Torpedoes is a powerful SA. In Set I, the Ark was hamstrung by the limited performance of the Swordfish, but the addition of the Barracuda (and the Avenger if you play unlimited games) turns the Ark into perhaps the best Allied choice for boosting torpedo bomber performance, especially since her cost leaves plenty of points for an air-group and escorts in even smaller size games.

Only UK carrier with a cap of 3… Fairly important carrier for the U.K.

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