HMS Belfast

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Uncommon - 5/40


The HMS Belfast is Town class light cruiser and is armed with 12 6" guns in a 4x3 arrangement. Her first action in World War II involved her striking a German mine, thus requiring her to be held up for repairs. Two years later she was back and then began escorting convoys to the Soviet Union. Her most notable action was her role in the sinking of the German battlecruiser Scharnhorst. Also mentioning her action during the Normandy landings. By the end of the war she was in the British Pacific Fleet. After a lengthy career during the Korean War and beyond, she was placed into reserve. In the following years she faced the prospect of scrapping, but a trust fund was established and in 1971 she was made into an official museum ship. She remains as such to this day.


If you think your opponent is going to field those annoying smoking destroyers (especially now that all three major Axis powers can), then the Belfast is an excellent way to counter this growing trend. With two gunnery attacks and sharpshooter, she can really threaten smaller vessels, even if they did pop smoke and hide. She can then enter into that same smoke, and gain extra concealment from it. Another excellent tactic is pair her with a Javelin and get the extra bonus from your own smoke. Do be careful to keep her away from any of the Axis cruisers over 15 points as they will almost all dominate Belfast in a straight up fight. Keep her as a smoke/anti-destroyer specialist and you'll do well.

Plastic Figure Notes:


This is one of the finer sculpts in the game. The superstructure detail is very good and the deck and hull details are above average for an uncommon sculpt. The turrets do follow the unfortunate trend in Sets II and III of not having distinct gun barrels. The paint scheme does not match the quality of the sculpt with a barely discernable camouflage pattern. Many of the mini's have poorly seated and glued superstructures and turrets. But if you get a properly assembled miniature this sculpt is an excellent candidate for a custom repaint. There are numerous photos of the proper camouflage pattern here.

Note the sculpt shows her after her post war alterations which is incorrect and every mini I have seen in the last 6 years has absolutely horrendous turrets.

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