HMS Eagle

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Surface Action - Rare - 9/40


RB opening salvo:

Like HMS Furious and HMS Glorious, HMS Eagle began her career as a World War I conversion. She was originally laid down in 1913 as the Chilean battleship Almirante Cochrane and purchased for conversion into an aircraft carrier in 1918, although the work was not completed into 1924. She was well protected with a 4.5” armor belt and a battery of 6-inch guns for self defense.

HMS Eagle spent most of her war in the Mediterranean. In July 1940 she took part in the Battle of Calabria (or Battle of Punta Stilo) against the Italian battlefleet, one of the very rare combined carrier and battleship actions of the war. She played a key role in the Malta convoys of 1942, participating in no less than nine separate missions to fly off Spitfires intended to reinforce the island’s air defenses and protecting the vital convoys of Operations Harpoon and Pedestal. On the afternoon of 11 August 1942, she was hit by a devastating spread of four torpedoes fired by the German submarine U-73. HMS Eagle sank in only four minutes with the loss of 131 crewmen.


RB opening salvo

HMS Eagle is tough and durable, but she is not a terribly good carrier, only basing a single squadron. However, she offers some flexibility in role, since she has both Expert Dogfighter and Expert Torpedo—you can use her to base torpedo bombers or fighters depending on whether you want a little air cover for your fleet, or more attack power against enemy shipping. Her chief advantage is that she’s cheap; HMS Eagle is almost worth her 14 points just for her durability and gun battery. Embarking aircraft is a bonus.

Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation

For 14 points, you gain 2 Expert SAs and a CAP-1 carrier. The carrier is durable, but slow. Range-3 guns allow it to fight at objectives as a giant destroyer. The Eagle is useful at 100 points where you may want fighter cover and a cheap ship to contest an objective against destroyers, but also useful in higher point games when you can pair it with other carriers and use both SAs. Class limits of 1 will limit its use, but Expert Dogfighter 2 is a fairly potent and useful SA. Powergaming Grade: A+

Plastic Figure Notes:

An excellent sculpt, lots of detail.

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