Hms Euryalus

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Set - Rarity - Number

V - Uncommon - 6/39


Much like the US Atlanta-class light cruisers, the Dido-class cruisers were designed as antiaircraft cruisers just before the outbreak of World War II. They were armed with a main battery of ten 5.25-inch semiautomatic guns—a light weapon for a cruiser, but a true dual-purpose weapon that theoretically gave the Dido-class ships a potent antiair defense. Unfortunately, the 5.25-inch gun was only a mediocre antiaircraft weapon, lacking in rate of fire and maximum elevation; the Dido-class ships were more successful as surface combatants than as antiair platforms.

HMS Euryalus was commissioned in June of 1941, and began her war in the Mediterranean as a convoy escort. She fought in the Second Battle of Sirte (22 March 1942) and in the bitterly contested convoy battles during the summer of 1942. In 1943, she participated in the invasions of Pantelleria and Sicily before returning to England for a refit. Euryalus finished the war with the British Pacific Fleet, fighting in the East Indies and later at Okinawa. She remained in service until 1954.
(From RB's V Opening Salvo 3)


Rich Baker
Euryalus is a fairly straightforward unit; she’s one of the cheapest light cruisers in the game, and provides little more than a very affordable AA 7 unit. In recognition of her good fortune at Sirte Gulf, she has the Chase the Salvoes ability, giving her a chance to avoid instant annihilation from a battleship salvo. While her main battery isn’t very impressive, don’t overlook her torpedo attack; British light cruisers are second only to the Japanese CL’s in torpedo armament. Employ Euryalus as an escort for carriers or auxiliaries threatened by enemy air attack early in the game, and look for chances to torpedo enemy battleships making an aggressive move toward the objectives.

Don't think of this as a weak light cruiser. Instead, consider it a big, nasty destroyer. You get good guns, 3 armor and hull, a nice torpedo loadout, and a superb antiair score for only nine points. If you are building a fleet with a flattop, you definitely want to take a Euryalus to protect it. And if you are going for a destroyer swarm, take this as an AA escort that also can bring the torps.

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