HMS Gotland

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Set V - Uncommon - 38/39


HMS Gotland was a seaplane tender of the Swedish Navy. She is famous for her spotting of the Bismarck during its breakout into the Atlantic.

The Gotland was armed with two 152 mm guns (dual turrets) with casemated single guns on both sides. Aircraft carried were six Hawker Osprey floatplanes.

In 1944, the Gotland's aircraft handling gear was removed due to a lack of modern aircraft, and thus was converted into an anti-aircraft cruiser.

Post-war, she served as a training ship and in 1963 was scrapped.


Gotland is very well worth her cost. AA7 and Scout cruiser are very helpful to any fleet. Even better is because she is a neutral ship, it can be fielded by Axis or Allied nations. On top of that, mines can be useful at times too.

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