HMS Gustav V

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Set - Rarity - Number

Set V - Rare - 39/39


HMS Gustav V was a Sverige class coastal defense ship (Pansarkepp) of the Swedish Navy. She had two sisters, Sverige and Drottning Victoria.

All three were armed with four 28.3 cm Bofors guns in dual turrets and eight 15.2 cm guns in one double and six single turrets.
As far as records indicate, none of the class fired their guns in anger as Sweden retained its neutrality throughout the war.

All three ships were scrapped after the war's end.


While she's nowhere near a battleship, think of her as a destroyer and light cruiser killing cruiser, much like the Giorgios Averoff. Her having both primary and secondary weapons at range 3 means she'll be able to damage those light, armor 3-4 cruisers and even cripple them if both hit the same target. As much as possible, keep her close to islands to use her SA to the fullest, and to deny your opponent from claiming objectives.

Same price range as a cruiser, with about the same VA and same hull points, but with 6 armor. AA is low, and if you combine that with the fact that it has only 9 VA (a number that's not too hard to reach for both Allied and Axis dive bombers) and 3 Hull Points, you'll see that it can be rather susceptible to attack from the air… But it'll do okay when it's next to a shore sector, of course.

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