HMS Jamaica

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Uncommon - 13/60



Jamaica, though just as vulnerable as other members of the cruiser type in WAS, has many off-setting positive attributes. Her torpedoes can hurt any ship in the game, and a secondary battery makes her a good choice against smaller enemy ships as well. Her AA value of 7 is good for the British so Jamaica can also function as a good escort. Stack her with destroyers to help get the smaller ships to the front lines though air attack and also to take advantage of the Flotilla Leader SA.

Jamaica is a good cruiser with standard gunnery, torpedoes, and AA values. If not playing a purely British fleet put Jamaica in with some French Milan destroyers as they all have Chase as an SA and can move ahead of your fleet. The Milan's can provide smoke, ASW attacks, sub harrasment while the Jamaica's can sweep aside MTB's or DD's, counter other cruisers or advance units as well as provide a threat to larger ships with torpedoes. And coupled with the destroyer swarm you pick up the benefit of Flotilla Leader. And all these ships end up moving at speed 3 until you get within 3 of enemy ships thanks to Chase SA.

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