HMS Javelin

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Common - 10/64



Javelin is the Aston Martin of Allied destroyers. Not only are her base stats commendable (good guns/AA, great torpedoes/ASW), but she comes with great extras too. Perhaps the two most desirable destroyers SA's are Sub-Hunter and Lay Smoke Screen, and Javelin has both. Best of all, both SA's function best when you lose initiative, and you can use them together; if your opponent obliges, push Javelin ahead of your battle-line with Sub-Hunter, then pop smoke. Javelins complement the low initiative British battleships (Rodney, King George V and Repulse) very well and, though fragile, can spell trouble for enemy subs and surface ships alike. While she pays for this capability with a cost of nine points, it's entirely worth it.

Plastic Figure Notes:


A really nice sculpt for a destroyer. You can bring out some great detail with a simple repaint.

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