HMS King George V

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Rare - 15/60



King George V is a decent battleship, but could have been much more. The most serious and obvious drawback is the Jammed Mount which can cut each turn KGVs firepower by around a quarter. This is something you don't want in your battleship. She doesn't have a flag value, which is extremely surprising given that she was flagship for the British Home Fleet and lead the chase for Bismarck. Criticisms not withstanding, she is a solid ship that is cheaper than most of her contemporaries.

(ED: The flagship of the British Home Fleet is the HMS Victory, hence why this ship lacks a flag)

Her sisters have rendered her mostly obsolete.

But as a class, the King George the V class of battleships have solid armor for their price. The main gunnery values aren’t exactly atypical for this price, as the Littorio and Bismarck classes have similar main gunnery values, but there are many in this price range and lower price ranges with similar and superior main gunnery.

Solid overall and still very usable.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Suffering from "Task Force Syndrome," her turret molds and overall mold are not of the best quality. The barrels are molded together except at the tips, and the hull is rather drab.
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