HMS Nelson

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Surface Action - Rare - 6/40



Like her sister, the Rodney, the HMS Nelson is a bar-room brawler. However, in comparison to her sister, for one extra point, she gains an extra flag and more importantly, Antiair Barrage. The latter giving her more survivability against air attacks. Slow 1 shouldn't hold her back too much, and the range-0 torpedo often surprises many. Arguably, some of the best battleships for early war scenarios. All-in-all, an awesome addition to the Royal Navy.

Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation

Flag-2 and AA barrage for one additional point over HMS Rodney. In single-BB fleets, these benefits definitely make Nelson the go-to BB over Rodney. In high point games, HMS Rodney can accompany Nelson for a point cheaper, though players may just as easily field 2x Nelson and retain Flag-2 even if one sinks. Nelson does not quite eclipse Rodney completely, but it is in the same category of comparing USS Washington to USS North Carolina. There aren’t too many times when you don’t have the spare point or two to pay for the upgrade, and at that point you might as well have the extra AA just in case you need it. Powergaming Grade: A

Plastic Figure Notes:

A reprint of HMS Rodney, she gains a decent camouflage paint-job.

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