HMS Repulse

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Rare - 7/40



At its cost, the Repulse is an excellent unit. Great gunnery, secondaries, a respectable AA and range 2 torpedoes all make this an excellent unit for the Royal Navy. Use her to hunt cruisers, harass/finish off damaged battleships, and capture objectives. My biggest note of caution, would be to avoid close engagements with the larger battleships. After that, don't let multiple torpedo units close with Repulse either. You've got a 50/50 chance of avoiding damage the first time, but after that, the glass jaw of the Repulse begins to show.

For 33 points, it has excellent gunnery values, and its armor is very solid… Having torpedoes that reach out to range 2 is an interesting feature, too…

As an Axis player, I see this thing as an interesting unit that normally becomes an early target of mine… Only moderate AA with the ability to dodge the first torpedo attack 50% of the time, and weak secondary gunnery values, while being a significant threat to my surface fleet (considering the cost), makes it a very tempting target to attack on turn 1/2 with a torpedo bomber swarm or to charge with my LLT destroyers… Assuming one of these two options is available to me with my current fleet, and there isn't another target of greater importance.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Not a bad sculpt. Not really up to the standards of the Hood and I'm not convinced about the blue paint scheme.

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