HMS Royal Oak

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Condition Zebra - Rare - 12/40


The HMS Royal Oak, the 7th ship of the Royal Navy to carry the name, was a Revenge-class battleship of WWI vintage. She even fought at the Battle of Jutland. Between the wars the ship was not extensively modernized so that by 1939 she was quite obsolete. Soon after the outbreak of the war with Germany she was sunk at anchorage in Scapa Flow by three torpedoes from U-47, with the loss of 833 of her crew. Her wreck remained in-situ and is now an official war grave.


This is probably the most difficult piece that I have reviewed. I see the Royal Oak as being a very strong ship, for its points, if you have the right role for it in your fleet (yes, that's a very qualified statement). It has some of the heaviest fire power that an under 50 point battleship can have… matching and even passing some ships over 50 points! …and all this is complimented with very stout defensive stats. But, there had to be a catch (there's two actually). All these guns are off set by a very slow speed (half the time speed 1) and a mysterious absence of torpedo defense.

Basically, if you're using the Royal Oak, have a plan. I would recommend using her to take/deny objectives after the 4th turn… or crawl her up the sides as a unit your opponent just can't ignore, due to its firepower and ability to shrug off main gun damage from equal or lesser vessels. Think of her as a left hook to your strong right jab (read also: Rodney)… just be aware of the glass jaw.

Royal Oak was one of the Revenge-class (sometimes referred to as Royal Sovereign-class) battleships built for the RN. These were very similar to the QE class but their speeds were much lower. Therefor, unlike the QEs, the Rs were not extensively updated/modernized between the wars. Most prominently, they weren't rebuilt with "torpedo bulges." Additionally, the equipment that was added (~5000 tons worth as-of 1941) increased their draft so much that their main armor belt was MUCH lower in the water than as-commissioned, further lowering its protective ability. This is probably why the Royal Oak is denied TD1.

Herky80: (after Condition Zebra)
The Royal Oak provides firepower equal to most other UK battleships at a much cheaper cost. However, this inexpensive ship also has the new Slow 3 SA and lacks a Flag 1 rating. But it's guns won't jam and it has no Fatal Flaw. A great choice to add a second battleship to your fleet because at 41 points, you can spend the extra points on other units. 8/10

Plastic Figure Notes:

Shares the sculpt with Arkhangelsk, a reprint in the same set.

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