HMS Sheffield

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Surface Action - Uncommon - 7/40


Taken from flavor text on stat card:

During the hunt for the Bismarck (May 1941), HMS Sheffield narrowly avoided being torpedoed by the Ark Royal Swordfish while shadowing the German battleship. The Swordfish pilots mistook her for the Bismarck in the poor visibility. Sheffield was saved only by excellent shiphandling and he faulty magnetic detonators of the torpedoes. Having learned that the magnetic detonators weren't working correctly through their failure to sink Sheffield, Ark Royals Swordfish squadron switched to contact detonators when they tried for the Bismarck again.


From RB's Opening Salvo
Few fleets are designed around your choice of light cruiser, but Sheffield possesses a great deal of overall utility and would look good in almost any Allied fleet. She can easily fulfill the light cruiser’s primary jobs of killing destroyers and providing antiaircraft protection for more important units, and her Evade Torpedoes ability (courtesy of Ark Royal’s Swordfish) gives Sheffield an important defense against the dreaded banes of light cruisers—submarines and Long Lance-armed destroyers. The decision on when to use Evade Torpedoes really depends on your opponent’s fleet; obviously you want to entice your opponent to waste as many torpedoes as possible on Sheffield when you use the ability, but if you wait until you see an attack worth evading, you might not ever make use of the special ability. Try to save it for a torpedo attack of 3 dice or more; at that point you’re approaching a 50% chance of taking a torpedo hit that will cripple or kill the ship.

Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation
For 12 points, the UK gains a 7AA cruiser with excellent destroyer-hunting potential. For 2 points more than the ORP Dragon in the same set, the benefit is certainly worth those extra points. The Sheffield is a fairly typical UK cruiser with the exception of losing a Range-1 torp die. Using 7AA cruisers to escort more important ships is a fairly important roll in game. Sheffield can fit into a lot of different fleets *Powergaming Grade: A-

Plastic Figure Notes:

Boring new sculpt with an unexciting paint-job, at least the turrets do move


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