HMS Victorious



Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Rare - 13/40


HMS Victorious was an Illustrious class aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy. It saw service on many fronts, including chasing the German battleship Bismarck, protecting the many convoys headed for Malta, the Torch landings, and even service in the United States Navy. Victorious was loaned to them by the British after the loss of the USS Hornet and USS Enterprise being forced to the sidelines for repairs.

During that time she was nicknamed "USS Robin" for the character Robin Hood.

In September of 1943, she was returned to the British, and made just in time to assist in the strikes on the German battleship, Tirpitz.

Victorious continued to serve until the end of the war.


The HMS Victorious, like the HMS Illustrious, allows for the user to base a few squadrons of planes for a smaller price. My advice is to never us her alone, pair her with Illustrious, any American carrier except St. Lo, or at very least the Fencer, and even then that's pushing it. What the Victorious and Illustrious do is offer support to an allied (i.e. American) air force. Put a few Martlets if providing a defensive air arm, or put Barracudas on them only as support for an offensive attack.

Herky80: (after Condition Zebra)
The first and only British carrier with the Expert Bomber SA, the Victorious is two points cheaper than Illustrious because it lacks the Sneak Attack SA. An Illustrious/Victorious combination with two fighters, a dive bomber and torpedo bomber is a good tactic to now employ. The versatile Barracuda will benefit from the Victorious, dropping 9 bombs instead of 8, making it's 12 point cost a bit more economical. 7/10

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