HNoMS Stord

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Battle Line - N/A- 11/72




9 points is expensive for a Destroyer but this is an extremely powerful DD that is going to open up new strategies with its torpedo run and salvo. If this unit can get itself and say a saumaurez into position to torpedo an enemy BB watch out. I play alot of range 2 torpedo build swarms with the UK and Italy so I know how powerful the Camicia Nera's SA is so adding that into the mix for the UK and this is going to be an often included unit into commonwealth swarms and builds in general. This may replace the Algonquin as the DD most likely to be ASM'ed by condors.
4 Stars

Plastic Figure Notes:

You can use the HMS Saumarez as a proxy (same class)

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