Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Eastern Front - Rare - 34/60
The Hummel first participated in large scale combat at the Battle of Kursk, when some 100 Hummel were in service. They served in armored artillery battalions (Panzerartillerie Abteilungen) of the Panzer divisions, forming separate heavy self-propelled artillery batteries, each with 6 Hummel and one ammunition carrier.

- Source: Wikipedia

Historical Background:


As the Disciplined Spotter cannot be attacked at long range when it has cover, and probably won't exactly be seen as a priority in the face of the WVI and German armor, you should field at least a few of them any time you bring a Hummel, along with some sort of transport vehicle to get it to a position where it can serve as a spotter for the Hummel. Spotters will allow this unit to blast enemy infantry when they gather into a single hex, and to serve as a serious threat to almost any medium tank from significant range, without having line of sight to the target.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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