I 19

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Common - 54/64



I-19, although expensive, is one of the best non-German submarines in the game.

Her claim to fame is the range-3 torpedo. This means you usually get a shot at something on turn 1—and therefore you may be able to cancel out Extended Range on an enemy battleship from the get-go, certainly before the enemy has had a chance to get their ASW destroyers in place.

Finish Him Off is also one of the more powerful SAs. Use your aircraft to score early hits on a few ships and then, as the SA says, use your I-19s to finish them off with an enhanced torpedo barrage.

Japan arguably doesn't have the boats to make sub-swarm fleets all that compelling, but most Japanese builds will benefit from including a couple of I-19s. If nothing else they may distract the attention of some Avengers.

Range 3 is awesome but she's no better than any other sub closer up, so use it to snipe at more powerful subs like the U-66 or truculent or get a 2 torpedo shot at a damaged warship.

This is arguably the best Japanese submarine, even after all of the additions. Finish Him Off can be quite useful, and the price is fairly reasonable for a pretty good torpedo armament…

Plastic Figure Notes:

its a big sub and one of the better looking ones, but the subs in this game are rather dissapointing to look at in general.

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