Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Starter - Common - 8/8



Almost identical to I-19, and its SA "slip away" is not as good as "finish him off."

This reviewer would argue that this unit is neither better nor worse than I-19. The choice between them is somewhat situational in nature.

If you are deploying a sub swarm, and aiming to overwhelm the opposing ASW force through sheer numbers while putting maximum fish in the water, then I-19 is probably better.

But Slip Away is a powerful SA that should not be dismissed. Effectively it gives your sub armor 3.5. So if you have fewer subs and expect a robust enemy ASW presence, choosing I-25 can help keep your subs afloat longer. This not only gives you more time to strike, but also keeps the enemy off balance longer, distracting their ASW assets from other things they could be doing. This is probably particularly true if your enemy favors aerial ASW, which tends to have fewer dice, and thus would be more likely to trigger Slip Away.

Plastic Figure Notes:

A reprint with a Japanese flag (not rising sun) on the side to differentiate it from the other 2 identical looking types.

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