I 26

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 54/60



I-26 is a sub that rarely finds a place in Japanese builds. I-19 is superior in most respects.

I-26 is one of the Infiltrator subs. In general the Infiltrator SA has been found to be an expensive ability with limited utility on a standard map. If you deploy on the enemy's side of the board, you can't fire the first turn, and are effectively inviting enemy destroyers with sub-hunter to kill you before you get off a shot.

The main use of Infiltrator, then, is to deploy on the center line. In this case a first-turn shot is allowed, so submarines with the typical range-2 torpedoes can use this tactic to get off a first turn shot at an enemy ship that moves forward two spaces. But for Japanese subs, which already have range-3 torpedoes, this rationale is less compelling. I-19 will normally get a shot on turn 1 anyway without infiltrator, although I-26 may still benefit by getting to fire two torps.

It should be noted that on large map games, Infiltrator may have more value. For example, you might be able to deploy I-26 to a strategic position that is outside the range of enemy destroyers on the first turn, but still allows you to interdict the enemy well short of the objectives.

For the limited benefits of Infiltrator, you will pay an incremental three points (23% more) for I-26 as compared to I-19. And, I-19's SA, Finish Him Off, is generally much more useful than I-26's Carrier Hunter SA. After all, in War at Sea, submarines preeminent mission is hunting battleships around objectives, not carriers at the back of the map.

In short: leave I-26 in the box, buy an I-19, and use the three points to upgrade something else.

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