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Set - Rarity - Number

Battle Line - N/A- 64/72




Idzumo: I want to make clear that I think this is a really interesting historical unit and I am happy to see it. But this is a powergaming review thread not a shout out to units I find historically fascinating lol. Here is my view on coastal units , the ones that aren't ER4 proof (cruisers,BB's etc) are essentially ER fodder for your enemies fleet on a standard map as early as turn 1. Idzumo at 12 points doesn't provide enough of a punch for the points the gunnery is fairly week though secondaries are nice and the 5/9/3 defense line is good for a cruiser but isn't going to prevent it from being ER fodder for your enemy, coastal tactics certainly helps…..but is it enough to buck the trend? I don't think so.

1 star

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