IL-2M Sturmovik

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Set V - Common - 15/39


The Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik was one of Soviet Russia's most famous aircraft built during World War II. It had the distinction of being dubbed by Stalin himself as "the bread and butter of the Red Air Force".

Highly versatile, the IL-2 could carry a large variety of bombs and rockets. It is believed that an aeriel torpedo-equipped unit was also in service. This led some to call the IL-2 the "flying tank".

The IL-2, as impressive as it was, had one notable drawback. It was extremely vulnerable to enemy fighters, even when a tail gunner was added. Worse yet, the tail gunner position was poorly protected, resulting in a very high mortality rate for gunner crews.

The IL-2 was built from 1941 right to the end of the war. The successor to the IL-2 was the IL-10, an improved version which served from 1944 to 1955, seeing action in the Korean conflict.


Here's a controversial unit for you, which can really start racking up bonuses if you mix and match SAs; if you stay with more historical Soviet builds, it's not too bad. The high pricetag, and the land basing, keeps a possibly over-statted unit from dominating too much. It was my understanding that the existence of torpedo-carrying Sturmoviks in WWII is currently disputed; I'm OK with it, though…it wouldn't be too difficult to modify a plane to carry a torpedo, and who's not interested in a little bit of historical "what if"?

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