Imperial Sergeant

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Base Set - Uncommon - 45/48


A crucial part of any Japanese army. With all of their nasty hand-to-hand bonuses they have, you need someone who can get them up in the enemy's face quickly. That'd be the Sergeant. For 9 points, you get Initiative +2 and Banzai Charge; not bad at all. Banzai Charge allows you to risk defensive fire in the assault phase to jump in and hack some infantry to bits. Look at the Arisaka for example. If you don't get hit by defensive fire, you get 12 rolls at +1 attack die against a Soldier who more than likely only has 4/4 defense. That's the definition of overkill. In short, if you want to play Jap infantry, get the Sergeant.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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