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Battle Line - N/A- 54/72


Impero was the fourth Littorio-class battleship built for Italy's Regia Marina (Royal Navy) during the Second World War. She was the fourth ship of her class and was named after the Italian word for "empire," in this case referring to the newly (1936) conquered Italian Empire in East Africa (Somaliland, Eritrea and Ethiopia territories) as a result of the Second Italo-Abyssinian War. She was constructed under the order of the 1938 Naval Expansion Program, along with her sister ship Roma.

Impero was laid down in May 1938 and launched in November 1939. The entrance of Italy into World War II forced the Regia Marina to refocus its construction priorities on escort warships, which meant that Impero would not be completed. After Italy surrendered to the Allies on 8 September 1943, the rest of the Italian Navy steamed to Sardinia to rendezvous with their American contemporaries. Impero was still incomplete in Trieste and was captured by the Germans, who used her for target practice. Sunk by Allied bombers in February 1945, she was refloated in 1947 and scrapped in Venice from 1948 to 1950.



Impero: In general Italian BB's are inferior to their enemies Impero looks to change that improving the armor of the Littorio class by 1 and having the SA straddle which opens up the tactic of opening fire at extended range possibly missing and then closing the distance to get a possible 16 dice MG's up close. The rest of the Littorio class BB's attributes are here including poor ranged gunner, 7AA and lack of terts. Colonna is still probably the best big Italian BB but shaving off the 4 points could help your build.

3 Stars

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