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Set - Rarity - Number

V - Rare - 32/39


The Ise class battleships were similar to the earlier Fuso class battleships, but were overhauled in the 1930s to make them more modern. As with most Japanese battleships, both Ise and her sister Hyuga saw little action in early part of World War II due to their slow speed and age. They were used as training ships until the later years of the war.

Finally, following the debacle at Midway for the Japanese, Ise and Hyuga were converted into hybrid carriers, sacrificing two of their aft turrets to accomodate a flight deck and catapults. In this new configuration, plane space was determined to be 14 "Judy" dive bombers and 8 E16A "Paul" seaplanes. However, by this time in the war, neither ship deployed their aircraft in a meaningful manner, and the design did not permit the larger dive bombers to return.

Both ships met their end when attacked by American carrier raids, sinking into shallows waters. Ise and Hyuga were salvaged and scrapped after the war ended.


The Ise is a very effective cruiser killer, and packs enough punch to damage an Alaska and not receive damage of its own due to its armor of 8 on an average day. The secondaries can kill destroyers. It also has a 1 half chance of shooting down the usual American armored plane. The torpedo defense is lacking, but you just have to avoid the destroyers and submarines and use the extra points on something else. If you don't have the extra points, or expecting better air then them, or you enjoy one seven dice attack, get the Ise, and I suggest pairing it with the Fuso for the ultimate cruiser eliminating force.

Giving up Torpedo Defense is a big deal, but you do save 2-3 points vs. Fuso or Yamashiro, and you get the Fly Off Strike. You'll want to avoid exposing Ise to enemy torpedo attacks, so you can't just throw it into the middle and sit on the objective with it. But as part of an air-heavy build, it may be a decent choice—it can sit back and shell the enemy from a distance, its AA is good good and the Fly Off Strike can add weight and flexibility to a larger air presence.

Weak secondaries, no tertiaries, and no torpedo defense. Fly-off Strike is virtually useless, as you get it for one turn, regardless of whether or not it is even aborted by the enemy's AA (which, with an armor of 4, is very likely), and a bomb attack of only 7. It could have been an interesting and maybe even useful unit if it could base an aircraft or had an ability similar to that of Chitose (the price would probably have been boosted, of course), and may have provided a reason to take this unit… As is, there's no reason to take this unit; it's too expensive for what you get. For 3 points more you have Fuso, for 5 points less you have Kirishima (which comes in the same set). Go with either of those and pass on this ship.

Plastic Figure Notes:

A nice mini with good details. The paint scheme is alittle plain, but is a nice sculpt overall.
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