Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Base Set - Rare - 26/48
39-45 - Rare - 38/60

Historical Background:

The Panzerj√§ger V Panther, also known as "Jagdpanther", was the main derivative of the Panther. Official designation was 8.8 cm (3.46 in) Pak 43/3 auf Panzerj√§ger Panther, and it was based on the upgraded Panther Ausf. G. Thus it was reliable mechanically and even more agile than the regular Panther, while being able to destroy any single Allied tank of the time. Only 415 were built by MIAG, MNH and MBA until 1945.

- Source: tank-encyclopedia.com


this is a highly effective tank killer for its price, it can inflict sever casualties if used wisely

Good anti-tank firepower and speed with acceptable defense. But the AI value is really low, so providing protection from enemy infantry and aircraft is a must.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Rescaled Jagdpanther from the 1939-1945 set (top, bottom)
compared to the original from the Base Set.
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