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Set - Rarity - Number

D-Day - Rare - 32/45

Historcal Background:

The heaviest armored fighting vehicle in the second world war, the Jagdtiger was a behemoth of a combatant. Unfortunately for the German High Command simply being large did not make the Jagdtiger particularly effective. The Jagdtiger was simply too heavy for contemporary technology and the rapidly disintegrating German war machine to support.

The Jagdtiger was more heavily armored than any other AFV in the war. Its armor was almost twice as thick as the ISU-152 and the heavy tanks of the war. Its main armament was the 12.8 cm (128mm) Pak 44, the most powerful German anti-tank gun of the war. It was even more powerful than the famed 88mm gun mounted on the Tigers and Panthers. But without a turret, the Jagdtiger was a less accurate and efficient tank hunter than the Tiger and Panther.

As its name suggests, the Jagdtiger was built from the Tiger II chassis.

Like most of the bloated German projects of the late war, the Jagdtiger resulted from the direct orders of Hitler, who wanted the 12.8 cm gun mounted on a tank hunter. The resulting vehicle was available in the summer of 1944.

In combat the Jagdtiger proved a disappointment. Much like the Soviet IS-2, the main gun took ages to reload and caused many problems for its crew. Coupled with its mechanical problems, the vehicle had a minimal impact on the war. Despite this, it did see some serious combat. It served in both fronts, its most notable contributions to the war being in the Ardennes, in Hungary and the final Soviet push into German territory.


Although the Jagdtiger does not get much press, it is actually quite a serviceable unit in AAM games. Unlike in the real war where a Jagdtiger could be lost to mechanical problems simply by moving, our Jagdtiger must first be damaged for its mechanical flaws to show themselves. Since so few units can hit a Jagdtiger reliably this is not a lethal weakness, though an unwary player may see it can turn a difficult situation into an impossible one.

A real problem without aircraft, but defenitely easy to take out with a high point aircraft due to machinical flaw. Can be swarmed by fast tanks if you dont have initative. Not worth the points because its easy for a corsair and a GMC 36 (52 points) to take out.

Prone to Breakdown isn't necessarily a deal breaker… It has a lot of armor, and if it's damaged while it's aimed at the objective, it can still attack enemy vehicles that attempt to grab the objective.
In most games, the Jagdtiger is almost invulnerable against opponents attacking from the front, but it can be taken out by T-34's or Shermans that maneuver to attack its rear. As the German player of a Jagdtiger, your first responsibility is to keep opponents in front of you. Typically, a Jagdtiger will use its long range attacks to keep enemy vehicles from taking the objective, while keeping a healthy distance from the enemy.

When building your forces around a Jagdtiger, you should plan carefully for how you intend to take the objective. Although a powerful vehicle, the Jagdtiger likes fighting withdrawals more than it favors rushing into the objective. As such you should consider using Fallschirmjagers or some other such powerful objective holder to accompany your Jagdtiger.

As with almost all heavy vehicles, the initiative bonus from a commander is critical.

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