Ju 52

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Battle Line - N/A- 45/72




Ju-52: Another 3/5/1 German aircraft coming in at 4 pts. I am not of the belief that this unit is death to installations that some others believe since at 3 armor the installation itself has a pretty good chance of turning it around not to mention a fighter sent after it. Its paratrooper ability is once per game and its odds not really good even if it gets through…I just don't see it as a viable strategy since you have no idea if your opponent will even bring an installation, the forward airstrip is the one that shows up the most do you really need to devise a strategy/investment to destroy one? For me personally they generally aren't worth the attention unless there is nothing else to attack. Supply run is interesting but at only 50 percent success rate once again is that a worthwhile investment/strategy I would lean torwards no. The saving grace here is the 4 point cost and it does have 4 bombs to perhaps pick off crippled DD's.

2 Stars

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