Ju 87 R2 Picchiatelli

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Common - 44/60



While nothing fancy, the Ju 87 R2 is a solid divebomber that for 1 extra point adds the SA Press the Attack to the German Ju 87B Stuka. In my opinion, that is a point well spent. Granted, the armor of 4 makes this unit a little easier to abort than some of the standard USN and IJN units, but a vital of 7 is still respectable and the attack of 9 (or 10 with an Aquila) gives a strong chance to hurt almost any cruiser and a good shot at vitaling a destroyer.

Definitely a point well-spent on the Picchiatelli's upgrade over the normal Stuka. With only 4 armor, the Stuka will get aborted often, but Press The Attack lets it overcome that to a degree. Don't worry too much about getting a 1; the Picchiatelli is expendable for 8 points, and its bomb dice are high enough to still hit its target when limited to 5s and 6s. A useful dive-bomber for the price overall.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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