Ju 88A 4

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Uncommon - 23/40




Welcome to the Kondor Gen. 2. While historically unrelated to the Kondor, in W@S the Ju 88A-4 is used as a more offensively slanted Kondor. For half again the cost, you gain better protection, some fun SAs, and a 2 dice torpedo attack but lose the free range one attack and a die off your bomb attack.

I would recommend, early game, using Ju 88A-4s to remove enemy destroyers and harass subs. Mid game, let the torpedoes fly and pick on heavy cruisers and battlecruisers/battleships (use some Stukas with it to gain an extra die). Then late game (after any Kondors have already fired their anti ship missiles) you can use divide defense with a pair of Kondors and an escorting fighter (or another attack plane) to finish off any remaining units with stout anti-air batteries.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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