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Condition Zebra - Rare - 36/40


nrnstraswa (Most of the history provided by RB Opening Salvo #1)
In 1940 the Imperial Japanese Navy took over construction of the large passenger liner Kashiwara Maru and began converting her to a fleet aircraft carrier. Junyo was ready for service in the spring of 1942, and took part in the Aleutian operation staged simultaneously with the attack on Midway. She was slower than the other large Japanese carriers and couldn't manage a full-sized air group, but after the Japanese losses at Midway, Junyo was one of only four large carriers remaining in the fleet, and she was pressed into action. On two different occasions, she survived heavy damage that should have sunk her. The first was the Battle of the Phillipine Sea (20 Jun 1944), when she was hit by two heavy bombs; the second was the night of 9 Dec 1944, when she was struck by three submarine torpedoes but escaped, listing, on one engine.

Repairs from this incident could not be fixed due to lack of materials, and the ship was in drydock at the end of the war. Junyo was finally scrapped in 1947.


Although she was classified as a fleet carrier, Junyo is really a light carrier, basing two squadrons. She is unique among Japanese carriers in that she has Determination, an "escape certain death" ability inspired by her evident success in surviving heavy damage. Paired up with the D4Y1 Judy (12 points) she can launch a dive-bombing attack almost as good as the best US combinations.
-From RB's Opening Salvos #1-

The SAs make the unit… EB2 and Determination, with two cap, at 15 points. If you intend to field plenty of dive bombers, this is an excellent unit.

Plastic Figure Notes:


Note that the bent-funnel is intentional, and matches the historical appearence.

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