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V - Rare - 33/39


RB's V Opening Salvos #1

Kaga and her half-sister Akagi were the children of the Washington Treaty of 1922. Both were laid down as battleships, and converted to aircraft carriers when the treaty placed a moratorium on new battleship construction. Her battleship origins showed in her large hull, thick armor, and unusually heavy battery of 8” guns. Although Kaga was originally built with three flight decks and no island, she was extensively reconstructed in the 1930s, emerging with a single flight deck and a small island structure.

Kaga and Akagi formed the First Carrier Division of the Kido Butai, the Imperial Japanese Navy’s First Air Fleet. Both took part in the Pearl Harbor attack on 7 December 1941; Kaga’s torpedo bombers were assigned to attack Battleship Row. As part of the First Air Fleet, Kaga shared in the early war triumphs across the Pacific. She was part of the massive armada assembled to attack Midway Island in early June 1942. During the furious fighting on the morning of 4 June 1942, Kaga was found by the Enterprise’s dive-bomber squadron, and she was hit by multiple bombs. The bombs ignited uncontrollable fires in the carrier’s crowded hangar decks, burning away most of her hangar and flight deck structure over the rest of the day. She was scuttled that evening by torpedoes from accompanying destroyers.


RB's V Opening Salvos #1

Like the other carriers built on battleship or battlecruiser hulls, Kaga is a big, tough target with a surprising punch, although the poor siting of her main battery reduces her gunnery effectiveness. If you lose the battle to control the air, you can still seize or contest objectives guarded by cruisers or lighter surface combatants with some confidence. More importantly, Kaga has excellent offensive special abilities to support her air group. In addition to Expert Bomber and Expert Torpedoes, she has Sneak Attack (ironically enough the first Japanese carrier to have the ability), which provides an even better bonus to torpedo attacks when you get a good initiative roll. Make sure you include a good torpedo bomber such as a Kate or Jill when you add Kaga to your fleet.

With the release of Set V, Soryu is a natural partner for Kaga in larger games (particularly if you're planning on taking swarms of torpedo bombers). Both carriers have the expert torpedoes SA, and both have SAs that activate on a natural initiative roll higher than 10. If you ever roll 10 or higher with both in your fleet, you're set for a turn of nerfed enemy AA and floods of torpedoes.

27 points puts it tied with Akagi for the most expensive Japanese carrier, and as one of the most expensive carriers in the game (I believe the Essex being the only carrier costing more)… But it's definitely worth it.

Armor is the best of any Japanese carrier, and the guns are also the strongest… She'll be far more likely to survive an attack by enemy aircraft than the other Japanese carriers, and is definitely capable of tangling with enemy cruisers and destroyers. Her SAs are excellent; Sneak Attack is one of my favorite abilities in the entire game.

She's just a great unit.

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