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Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Uncommon - 36/60


Sister ship of the Koln, the Karlsruhe is a K class cruiser. Like the Koln, it had poor seakeeping ability due to its construction. In 1940, the ship led four torpedo boats during the German invasion of Norway. On the return trip to Germany, Karlsruhe was torpedoed by HMS Truant, (a T class submarine, same class as the HMS Truculent) putting her dead in the water. The ship was finally scuttled by the torpedo boat Greif.


A decent light cruiser at the cost, but the SA is the unit. Having a +3 initiative bonus is huge, especially if you frequently find yourself in range duels or if you are wanting to use the S-boats. Going last, for only 10 points, especially in larger games or on a larger map is a must. However, if you're playing a standard 100 point game on the stand map, maybe 3 destroyers and a light cruiser that aren't in line with what your fleet is designed to do, isn't the best use of 30+ points.

While a good destroyer killer, the Karlsruhe is an excellent example of "use it and lose it". If you need the bonus, you shouldn't let this unit see combat unless it is forced upon you, or all of your destroyers are gone. If you don't need the initiative bonus, then there are better ways to spend 10 points in a Kriegsmarine fleet

As of set 5, the only way an Euro-Axis fleet can boost initiative above 2. A must have unit for the option of trying to win initiative. Sees it way into many RM builds (until the RM get this SA)

Plastic Figure Notes:

Reprint of the Koln.

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