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Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Rare - 57/64




The Kongo is an excellent ship. She is possibly one of the most underrated and poorly used vessels in W@S.

Defense: with 6/12/5 as armor, vital, and hull, the Kongo is often compared to a Washington or a Yamato and seen as lacking and then set aside
Torpedo Allergies: No torpedo defense is another reason many pass on this battleship
No fancy smancy SAs: Has the BB standard ER4 and nothing else
Anemic guns: only 14 at range 1 and 11 at range 4?! why bother?
Perception: what? a low end Battleship, right?

So many players look at a Kongo and see it sorely lacking when stacked up to 40 and 50 point battleships. They have the "why take the loser?" point of view and move on to a Nagato or even Yamato… their loss

COST!!!! 35 stinking points!! If you're playing a 100 point game and you want a loaded out IJN carrier you won't have a lot of change left. Use your air assets to take out enemy BBs and subs, use the Kongo for everything else that floats.
Defense: She's 35 points and has 5 hull. That's enough to tangle with cruisers and such and laugh the whole time as you go a'sink'n.
Guns: range 4 main gun, range 3 secondaries, range 2 tertiaries… bring on the destroyers and light cruisers… Kongo's got guns to spare… at only 35 points
No useless SAs: Kongo's a lean mean 35 points… no wasted value on specific SAs. Guns and points work all the time.
Perception: Often she gets passed on for richer targets… yet I've taken 4 Kongos against 2 Iowas a couple times and usually two scarred Kongos pull out of the mess with the Iowas as shark-bait. People just don't see a 35 point BB as a legitimate threat… and they should.

Think of the Kongo (did I mention, 35 points) as the meanest cruiser, not the nerf battleship… and use her as such. Tackle cruisers, destroyers, carriers, and objectives with this ship and only engage BBs once they've lost their ER or in superior numbers (or ideally both). This really is an excellent unit (especially at 35 points) and really can catch a player used to seeing carriers withs Yamatos and Iowas off guard.

Kongo nowadays is not looking so great. 35 points for a battleship sure is a good deal, but when you stack it up against the battlecruisers of other nations like Gneisenau, Alaska, and Repulse it comes up short. I would rather put my points on two of the awesome Haguros for cruiser killing rather than a Kongo.

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